Nowadays, several content creators are making youtube videos and posting them on the platform, and most of these youtubers have the aim of earning money from these videos; thus, it is important that here videos get monetized. Many people still need to be made aware that the length of a youtube video also plays a major role in the monetization of youtube videos and then earning money from these videos.

This is f you want to monetize your videos, then using some tips and tricks on your youtube video length can help. Well, no one exactly tells you the appropriate length for monetizing YouTube, but you can easily get to know some strategies that will make this task easier. One of the major factors which influence the monetization of your videos is the type of ads you run on your videos, and the length of your videos should also influence this.

One of the main purposes of any video ads on youtube is to promote any product or service. This allows youtubers to run several kinds of ads throughout their youtube videos, and what kind of ads you can run on your youtube videos are decided according to the length of your youtube video.

Monetization policy of youtube

The channe monetization policy of youtube states what kind of content is eligible for advertising. You can easily get your content monetized on youtube. The only requirement is that it should come under the advertiser-friendly policies and guidelines of youtube. Youtube also provide the right to all content creators to determine whether or not their video content is eligible for monetization in every specific scenario. 

Some video ads may not be eligible for monetization, and it is important to make sure that this content is on the platform so that every platform user can have a positive viewing experience while using the platform. So every YouTuber and advertiser must follow all of the pon mentioned in the channel monetization policy by youtube if they want to get their videos monetized.

Eligibility criteria for monetization on youtube

Any YouTuber must join the YouTube Partner Program, and only then will they be able to generate revenue from the platform. For the youtubers to join the YouTube Partner Program, here are the mentioned conditions which they must meet 

  1. They should have at least 1000 subscribers (you can get 1000 subscribers here)
  2. They should have an approved Adsense account
  3. They should have had at least 4,000 watch hours in the last year
  4. They should reside in a county in which the YouTube Partner Program is available

If your channel is in review for monetization and has less than 1000 subscribers, then there is no need to worry; you can always return once again after your channel crosses over 1000 subscribers. When your channel gets more than 1000 subscribers after getting in review, it may take some time as every day so many content creators apply to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program; you can check back after some time after meeting all of the required conditions.

Youtube can also monetize a suitable youtube video even if the creator of the video applies it for monetization; in the earlier time, small content creators used to have an advantage over other content creators as their channels were free of any ads. Their main focus was the growth of their youtube channel, nowadays; their main focus is being part of the YouTube Partner Program and monetizing their videos.

Recommended length of youtube videos for monetization

Your videos may be long or short; monetizing your YouTube videos and earning money from there is still possible. One other thing to keep in mind is that the audience on youtube prefers videos which may have too many ads as they interrupt them while watching the videos and can also decrease their attention towards the video. You can easily understand how your audience interacts with your youtube video with the help of analytics of your channel.

As the topic of the best video length for the monetization of youtube is being discussed, first let’s talk about the shortest video which got monetized on youtube and was 20 milliseconds in duration; you may not believe it. Still, it is right that time duration was successfully monetized.

Every YouTuber has different opinions about the best length of a youtube video for monetization. Some YouTubers believe that youtube videos successfully attract a large audience. In contrast, some youtubers have the opinion that some youtube videos long videos are ideal for the monetization of their youtube videos in comparison to short videos. But in reality, it is a fact that there may be no specific length of youtube videos which works the best for the monetization of all types of content.

The best video length of youtube video for monetization is influenced by several factors, such as the channel’s target audience, the niche of the business and the topic being covered in that youtube video. When it comes to the best length of a youtube video for monetization, many questions arise, like how long the video should be made to make the most money out of it.

Well, according to the statistics of youtube, the recommended length for a youtube video is 8 minutes or longer. One of the main reasons to justify this fact is that youtube videos of 8 minutes can easily feature mid-roll ads, resulting in increased ad impressions and high readings per viewer. Earlier youtube ads were only displayed at the beginning of youtube videos. Still, due to the recent changes, these ads can be displayed at any point in the youtube video of 8 minutes and longer according to the choice of the creator of the video.

It is recommended only to feature 1 or 2 mid-roll ads on youtube videos of 8 minutes in length as ads more than that can interfere with the watching experience of the audience. So now you are clear about the ideal length of a youtube video, you can make your strategy for your youtube videos and operate them for monetization. Once your videos are monetized, you can also start earning money from the take advantage of all of the hard work that you have put behind making these videos.