North Carolina, Charlotte – If you are an adult 18 or older, and need a laptop to surf the Internet and do your work or study, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library (CML) is giving away 20,000 free laptops for senior citizens.

On January 19 the library system has opened access to the “MeckTech Computer Kits” site to allow adults aged 18 or older who wish to receive the free computer are able to apply for it.

The idea of distributing laptops free of charge is executed by”Meck Tech,” a program that is part of the “Meck Tech” program. This program also benefits from the assistance from the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF).

What’s included in the free computers?

Portable laptops are repaired. They are loaded with productivity and educational apps along with all the equipment required to set up.

The computers run on the Linux operating system, which includes open source software that works with a variety of Windows software (Libre Office ), which can read, edit and create Microsoft Office documents.

Computers do not include internet service

It is important to note that Internet service is not available but all laptops be able of connecting to WiFi.

In accordance with ECF specifications These devices come with Internet filtering software installed on the device in order to be compliant to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Technical support will not be provided and replacements won’t be made available.

If additional devices or the free internet are required, they can be found here.

The Library announces it on their website should you require assistance with technology or devices outside of the “MeckTech” program, you can reach it’s partners through the Center for Digital Equity by calling 311 and asking for the Digital Navigator.

“The Digital Browser can also help you get free or reduced Internet service for your home through the Affordable Connectivity Program,” the Meck Tech page says.

Computer requirements for requesting an account on a computer

To be eligible, a person is required to:

  1. Age of 18 or over
  2. Live in Mecklenburg County
  3. Provide the address proof
  4. You should have an active email
  5. Also, provide a valid photo ID

You will also need to sign a statement stating that you do not have “the necessary technology to meet educational/informational needs.”

If you are accepted, you will be notified within 7-10 business days. You will then be able to be able to sign up for the distribution date and time using the confirmation email.

Seniors who wish to keep up and take advantage of the many advantages of technology can locate cheap or free computers if they aren’t able to afford the typical price of the retail. You can find senior computers at no cost through the national and local programs that are sponsored by government agencies, corporations or non-profit organizations which cater to seniors, or recycling companies for computers.

Fonts on computers for seniors that are free for seniors.

Numerous corporations and organizations give their computers that they have used to non-profit organizations. This is why you should inquire with any business or agency who can direct to sources of computers for free online or in your neighborhood. Some might require proof of income from the family or a recommendation from an assistance program run by the government. You can find information on certain programs with the ability to access a laptop computer in the library.

Microsoft Refurbisher (Microsoft Registered Repairers

Check your phone book or seek assistance searching the global Microsoft Refurbisher Directory for registered computer refurbishers in your local area. It is a recycling program run by Microsoft to offer low-cost or free computers to those who require them. Microsoft works with repairmen to decrease the use of technology parts and their effect on the environment, as well as helping to install computers in more homes of people as well as “bridge the digital divide.”

Computers With Causes

Computers for Causes is a different national PC donation scheme within the United States that supplies refurbished computers at no cost, mostly to educational companies. They also offer computers to people. The applicant must fill out and submit an on-line application. Visit your community center or library to complete the application even if you don’t immediately have access to computers.

Regional programs

There are excellent programs to provide free computers to seniors–particularly low-income seniors–at the local level. If you’re not close to any of these organizations, look for a similar organisation near you and inquire whether you are eligible.For more information , follow them on Twitter as well as Reddit.