It pays creators for the ads it shows on creative videos YouTube put adverse before sometimes during and also after the videos it shows on the website you should keep their curve the money that advertisers have paid them to show ads on the website and then give creatives their share and that’s what this video is going to cover the money.

YouTube earning reveals videos on YouTube but data the first thousand views you cheapest are receiving seven dollars and 56 cents per thousand views.

Now that $7.56 is an average earnings number for every thousand views you’re gonna get on YouTube across all.

There are other things out there that determine whether you get paid less from ads for the 1,000 views you get on your videos such as whether you swear in your video how long your videos are and the country that your viewers live in.

 you need to know about and use the right to make as much money as possible from your YouTube channel per thousand views.

Setting up Benchmarks

you’re gonna have to do benchmarks. You’re going to have to get 1,000 people to subscribe to your new channel and on top of that, you’re going to have to get 4,000 hours worth of time to watch your videos in 12 months.

 After going into your account, it knows how to pay you, once everything is done then you are going to get reviewed from YouTube, and if everything goes well within the next 30 days or receive an email from YouTube.

Telling you that your channel has been activated and can now receive payments.

Being Consistent 

The biggest single tip right now is on how to get those 4,000 hours of what time in 12 months And also to get your 1,000 subscribers in total consistency.

Consistency is key, make sure you’re talking about a consistent topic on your channel over an extended time. So people know what your channel is about and you should be uploading your videos and publishing them at a similar time each time so the same day of the week probably even the same time.

 People need to know when to expect new videos from you. Once you’ve been approved your channel is going down to collect $100 in total from the advert shown on your videos before you get your first payment.

In general, a YouTube page costs you around two dollars for every thousand views you get It’s not mean you don’t need to get around 50,000 views to get your first $100 to get your first payment.

The release of the payment 

 Now that $100 is a threshold that you’re gonna have to hit before YouTube will consider paying you any future payments But the more videos uploadable channel over time and the more the usual getting regularly means you’re gonna be thinking about threshold quicker and quicker every time and you’ll get to a point where you’re getting paid from YouTube every month because you’re passing that threshold every month and YouTube page you sometimes between the 21st and the 26th and every month So that’s all you need to get paid on YouTube.

Meeting the payment Criteria 

Run through the different features built into YouTube that you can use to make as much money as possible with your channel. So it’s a building YouTube channel that YouTube will pay you for as a creator you need to be in a YouTube-approved country.

 Look for not beyond any of the countries that are not payable under YouTube.

YouTube won’t pay you anything for your channel. You also need to have hit certain criteria to make your channel editable for payments.

 First off you need to have got 1,000 subscribers or more on your channel And secondly, you need to have to tote it up to 4,000 hours of wash time. That means viewers of what 4,000 hours worth of your videos in 12 months.

 If you click this person you’ll see on the screen now on the back end of YouTube but YouTube will send you an email notification.

 Once your channel was passed 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers to tell you that you’re ready to receive payments Once point YouTube will ask you to input your bank details s,  that has a bank account to send you your money to which you’ve done all that you’ll have to wait a maximum of 30 days to hear back from YouTube to find out if you channels been approved using payments or not.

Getting Approved

If you haven’t been approved you can reapply it at a later stage and once you are approved you’ll get paid towards the end of each month around the 24th to the 28th and you can check in the YouTube analytics area to see the amount of how much to expect paid for each month.

The most commonly known where that you’re going to get paid through your channel is for the payment.YouTube shows on your videos And these are going to be the easiest things for you to set up once you’ve been approved.

When you’re uploading your video when you go to this screen you simply take all of these boxes to show every type of advert possible on your videos.

 In between each payment that you choose to send young to have made $100 on your channel before YouTube will send you your money and if you’re wondering how many views of your videos you’re going to have to get in that much is advertising revenue.

Increasing your YouTube views through

Now how much YouTube will pay you for every 1,000 views you get on your channel. In addition to getting paid for the ads shown on your channel, here are three easiest ways you can make even more money through your YouTube channel.

First off you can set up memberships on your channel and get paid a monthly subscription from anyone who signs up as a member to see your membership planners and example press the join button bell.

Next up you can tell merchandise on your channel your merch will be shown in the emerged self below your videos.

Then finally you can get sent donations through the live chat for any live streams that you have on your channel.