Hearing the word Holi, a wave of enthusiasm runs through our hearts. From social media to homemakers, children and older adults get colored in the colors of happiness. Some get involved in making arrangements to celebrate Holi with happiness, while some get involved in organizing various colorful programs.

If seen carefully, if thought, it is a charming festival that removes enmity and creates a relationship of brotherhood among people. It gives us happiness by relieving us from some moments of busy life and fills life with a unique spirit. By the way, all the festivals make human life happy, but the specialty and importance of the Holi festival increased because of this. Because on this day, God told this world that he could incarnate on earth and take any form to destroy evil and protect his devotee.

Today, modernity and science have changed the form of festivals. Now Holi is not played with colors made from Tesu flowers. Now, so many chemicals are put in the colors that everyone has started running away from their colors. Many people play Holi with strange things, in which people smear each other with soot, which is unfair.

If you want to play Holi, then even today, you can play Holi peacefully and celebrate Holi by playing eco-friendly Holi. There will be neither misuse of water nor will you be afraid of skin diseases due to the colors containing chemicals. By putting useless things in Holika Dahan, there will be no need for wood, and we will not have to cut trees without any reason, so we will not become the cause of global warming.

Always adopt the biggest reason to celebrate this Holi, to rinse your relations with love leaving aside mutual estrangement. A mutual love of the neighborhood, brother to brother, sister to brother, father to son, or friendship to a friend. Make every relationship in life stronger through this festival and get peace of mind.

Because where there is love and affection, many problems get solved automatically. Life is too short for love and affection. So why should we waste the precious moments of life with enmity?

Do we play Holi after Lasik’s Surgery?

You cannot play Holi after surgery. For at least one month, you should not do any work that will cause problems to your eyes. After smile surgery, you cannot walk on the ground without glasses or contact lenses. You have to be vital for a few days. Even a little carelessness can give you problems.

Until your eyes are healthy. Till then, you should avoid playing any game or playing with water. Stay away from pools, hot tubs, saunas, and lakes for around three weeks.

Abstain from staring at the television, perusing, or involving the PC for 24 hours, as these exercises might strain your eyes. Try not to rub your eyes. Stay away from eye cosmetics.

Eyes care tips for Holi

  1. Use sunglasses
  2. Apply a good moisturizer
  3. Do not wear contact lenses
  4. Avoid rubbing eyes
  5. Tie your hair
  6. Use natural color
  7. Avoid water balloons