The nursing profession presents a different kind of life which provides both emotional and physical support to their patients; they are a big part of the medical team and stand in the frontline of the medical industry, not only helping in diagnosing but also treating and reviewing patient’s history and further treatment with utmost care. The medical industry is vast in Germany, having all the well-qualified nurses, doctors, and staff in nursing homes with all facilities and hospitals.

They hire well-qualified nurses and staff from prestigious hospitals that provide the best facilities and use the latest technologies. The demand for nurses and their practices has been growing vastly. Also, nursing as a career offers various benefits such as respect, perks and benefits, the feeling of fulfilment, good numbers in money, unique opportunities, and day-to-day encounters with life and death experiences.

So being a vast industry in the medical sector, nurses, on the other hand, have different roles and specialisations too. There are registered nurses (RN), cardiac nurses, certified registered nurse anaesthetists, critical care nurses, ER nurses, family nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, geriatric nursing, mental health nurse, perioperative nurse, nurse educator, nurse managers, midwives, practitioner, nursing administrator, oncology nurse, orthopaedic nurse, paediatric nurse, public health nurse, a travel nurse and many more from administrative work to the Operation room there is need of nurse every single corner of the hospital.

Nursing jobs include general nurses or children’s nurses in every corner of the hospital, whether in the cardiac unit, the ICU, or the gynae ward. At entry level also, it can be as basic as working as a healthcare assistant, but at another level, it could also include specialised nurses and more senior roles, including practitioner nurses in various departments like the oncology department, orthopaedics department; all these roles requires a different level of subjects, eligibility criteria, level of interest, skills, place of interest, prior work experience in any workplace be it hospitals, community centres, nursing homes, care homes or clinics.

The workload in a nursing career is easy; it is, in fact, a never-ending job, and nursing professionals work selflessly with long hours and late stays at hospitals. Working on patients and their history, managing and administering medications, helping doctors with operations and consultations, and planning discharges from hospitals. Also, getting a nursing job in the UK is one tough task; you have to be registered with the midwifery council and should have a nursing degree with subjects including child, adult, mental health, and disabilities, and consider specialisations in any particular stream, you need to go for post-graduation in nursing.

 Different types of nursing roles are there, and some of them are listed below : 

Children’s nurse: the managers seek nurses looking for a career in caring for children and coping with their Illnesses. Appoint Healthcare, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, is a nursing home having vacancies for nurses and providing 63000 dollars in salary. One is the most famous, Downham Healthcare, Norfolk, which pays 70000 dollars and is looking for nurses who can manage patients and be home care managers. 

Midwifery: University college hospital London NHS Trust in London offers midwife private maternity units for nurses and is giving 42000 per year and looking for diligent nurses who can work flexible hours.

Cambridge University Hospitals in Cambridge are looking for Consultant midwifery paying 33000 dollars a year and for nurses who work at odd times as well.

Physiotherapist: HCA Healthcare UK in Birmingham, West Midlands, is recruiting for a physiotherapist at the Harborne Hospital and are looking for nurses who can work 7.5 hours shifts per day, five days a week, and the salary range depends on experience and interview. 

Appoint, Hatfield, England, looking for inpatient orthopaedic physiotherapist nurses with 37.5 working hours from Monday to Friday and expecting a salary from 31000 dollars – 36000 dollars and nurses holding a degree or diploma in physiotherapy or equivalent and are eligible to live and work in the UK.

Children’s nurse: Hospitals, i.e., in Dublin, are offering 20-38 dollars per hour for full-time nurses and looking for nurses with paediatric backgrounds or working with oncology, staff nurse, and surgical nurse. They also offer full-time, part-time, and permanent work.

Pulse Nursing Home, London, offers the nurses a good 28-34 dollars per hour and is looking for nurses who can work on flexible timings.

Occupational therapist: The Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is offering a good 41000 dollars salary per year for full time and offering the post of a senior nurse practitioner to join the team and hold the responsibilities to support the staff and patients, to maintain a safe and therapeutic environment, to work collectively with other medical professionals.

TTM Healthcare Solutions, London, is recruiting highly specialised occupational therapists permanently and offering a salary of 37 hours per week. Competitive dependent upon skills and experience. The roles and responsibilities that TTM seeks in nurses are to provide a good environment for patients and help the doctors and staff.