India being the largest democracy, is emerging now in the field of the digital revolution and content creation. Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube are the most common and popular social media platforms where you will find different content in every field and of your favourite creators or influencers. So this article will let you know about YouTube earnings, several views, and the type of content are the two major factors your YouTube earnings depend on, as YouTube is the most widely used platform for not only making content but also for seeking answers, knowing new things, learning any new skill, giving a tutorial and many more, it provides a variety of contents from food to education to adventure and tourism to music, movies, latest and upcoming videos and more, this platform serves so much access to a variety of content. It is one of the most engaging platforms for showcasing and learning.

You can also earn money on YouTube by uploading videos on time, sharing content, and having a good amount of views and audience. By consistently doing all this, one can generate revenue based on the number of views and likes you are getting. 

The more content you upload and get viewed by people, the more you earn. 

On an average scale, a youtuber earns around ₹3000  on 1000 viewed videos. But the in-depth earning depends on several factors, including content quality, engagement level, and consistency. Not only subscribers and views will get you money, but nowadays, advertisements play a big role in earnings. It also varies from channel to channel. For an education-based channel, the earnings can range from 10 – 70 rupees; for an information and technology-based channel, the earnings could be 25-150 rupees; and for a comedy channel, the earnings could be 22-30 rupees per 1000 views. The same goes for the entertainment, reviews, and food vlogs channels. You can earn around 10-70 rupees. 

High-quality content, a good range of volume, and easy accessibility of audio combine to make good content that will receive views and likes and earn money. It’s a game of views; the number of views goes up, then the number in your account will also go up; it depends on subscribers, the number of people who will subscribe to your channel and the type of content you make will have a direct effect on your revenue and earnings.

So there are two main ways to earn money; the first is direct payment through YouTube channels and advertisements between the long format videos and prior starting of videos. The direct way of earning also involves the total number of watch hours, so if the total number of watch hours over the whole year is around 2000-4000, then you will be getting the bulk payment through YouTube and the second way of earning from YouTube is by receiving the number of views a particular channel can receive, the more clicks between the videos and increasing number of YouTube views, the higher earnings you will get. However, a minimum number of 1000 views should be there.

As of this year, 2023, the average youtuber user in India earns around 14 – 20 dollars on 1000 views. However, it gets higher if you are a top youtuber who generally earns 2.5  lakhs on more than 1 lakh views. So youtube pays you around 14-20 dollars for 1000 views.

Youtubers also get paid by advertisements. Once you hit around 2000-4000 watch hours or maybe around 1000 views a year, you can earn from YouTube in several ways. Earlier, we discussed ads and monetizing with ads; another way is as the base of your subscribers grows, you can collaborate with brands to sponsor the promotion of their product; with a big YouTube community, you can get good big brands and collaborate with other youtubers will help to grow yours as well as their channel and their targeted audience will see your work in that way.

 By growing the audience and engagement in your channel, you will get more opportunities to interact with national and international help you monetize the channel.

However, content is king, so it has to be good enough for people to view the video. So a good number of views will get a good amount of money. Hence the payment per video depends on views and content; the more views, likes, subscribers or watch hours, the more you will earn through the youtube community. So by working on your content, taking new and day-to-day used things, good video quality using a good camera, best audio features and availability of content in different audios and even subtitles and easygoing videos will welcome more people and will eventually result in the growth of your channel which leads to good earnings as well as per the article stands 1000 views on a video will give you around 14-20 dollars and with the increasing number of views and likes, the earning will also increase.