If you are experiencing your views going down suddenly, and you didn’t do anything, don’t worry. You are not the only person with whom it happens. It’s not because of your fault. There might be many reasons leading up to this. Most of them have been covered here, we hope.

Why are YouTube views for my video declining?

Assuming you make the same quality content, but your views are falling, there can be two reasons causing this based on different sources of traffic-

  1. Search: Your ranking position is decreased. If YouTube Search is your primary traffic source, another creator probably knocked you off your position in the ranking.

There are several potential reasons for this:

  • Their video is uploaded recently(YouTube prefers newer content)
  • They have a more excellent Click through rate than you do.
  • The time on their watch is more significant than yours.

 Since YouTube wants to sell ads, the video with a higher watch time will be ranked higher.

  1. Suggestion: Other videos are getting suggested instead of yours.

The algorithm determines the best path of videos for users to watch. Due to the daily introduction of new videos, this path is constantly changing.

So, your video may be off of YouTube’s recommended path.

Nonetheless, we can take action in both of these situations. Let’s first take a deeper look at what occurs to help you understand what to do about it.

YouTube Algorithm: To find videos that match your video title and description, the system compares your video to millions of other videos (and even the tags you use). There are various things that the algorithm considers and promotes your video if:

  • Watch time on your video is good
  • Click through rate is great
  • It has the specified keywords

This may be the result of the algorithm repeatedly displaying the wrong potential viewers of your video, decreasing views on your video. Because you have less channel authority on a small channel than on a large channel, the algorithm doesn’t try as hard. Yet, since many authors quickly point the finger at the algorithm, it might be your fault. Let’s investigate our options.

It’s possible that you could have made the purpose of the movie apparent to the algorithm. Are your thumbnail and title relevant?

The most underused YouTube SEO approach, adding a video description, still needs to be resisted by many creators who spend much time creating useless tags instead.

A quick drop could indicate that viewers are no longer interested in the video subject (this frequently happens with trends, viral videos, and news).

YouTube stops promoting the video when your click-through rate declines. Because of this, it is crucial to produce evergreen content.

8 Tips to Get More YouTube Views: How to Stop a Viewership Decline

Tip-1: Improve your description and title: The keywords that the viewer is searching for in your titles and description can help you increase the ranking of your videos, and more viewers will be introduced to your channel. If your video is easy to find, people will only watch it.

Tip-2: Try experimenting with your content: If you make the same videos, your audience may get bored. You can try new topics or new editing techniques to give a new touch to your videos.

Tip-3: Grabbing their attention with a strong introduction

Your intro to the video is crucial as the viewer decides to watch it or close it in the first 30 seconds. Keeping them gives you additional watch time, which is always good. However, they will return and offer you additional views if you can please them. Here’s how you can create catchy intros:

  • Make it brief so viewers can quickly learn what they came for.
  • Make sure the introduction and the title are consistent. It should also line up with the video’s thumbnail to avoid disappointing viewers.

A technique that works for one artist might only work for one artist. Conduct some testing and stick to the successful method, even if it means having no introduction.

Tip-4: To reach new audiences, collaborate with other creators.

The magic happens when you and that creative collaborate on a video because you get to switch audiences. You are introduced to their subscribers by the other creator, and they do the same for you. A brand-new audience will start watching your channel before you know it.

Tip-5: Promote Your Channel on the Community Page of YouTube

Although YouTube does an excellent job of recommending material to subscribers, your channel may occasionally benefit from a little extra assistance. In this case, the YouTube Community tab is helpful. Anyone with 500 or more subscribers can access this social network. You can even interact with your audience using a community page by putting polls, images, videos, text posts, and GIFs.

Tip-6: Investigate Your YouTube Metrics

A better approach is to examine your channel analytics, keep an eye on video performance, and concentrate more on what regularly works. 

Tip-7: Promote your YouTube content on all of your social media platforms.

Post a brief preview video in native format to your social media accounts, along with a link to the more extended version of the film on YouTube.

Remember that you won’t want to share identical content on your social media platforms.

Tip-8: Make playlists to increase your views.

Organizing and making YouTube video playlists is the best way to lessen the possibility that a visitor would move to another channel after viewing your content. Start organizing the videos you have once you have much stuff into playlists. These anthologies offer a thorough investigation of one topic.

Now if you have figured out the problem that caused your views to go down and also gone through our tips and tricks, it’s time to get started and position yourself on the top. To get good position on YouTube and increase views with help of http://www.buyyoutubeviewsindia.in/