There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not this is legal to buy views for promoting the organic growth of your channel. A lot of people believe buying subscribers and viewers is more harmful than beneficial for YouTubers who go down that road.

Before buying subscribers or views you first must ensure that the provider you’re thinking doing business with is trustworthy. It may bend out that the service you bought views from is a  fraud trying to cheat your money. Besides being cheated, there are few other major worries that make buying fake engagement for your YouTube channel a doubtful choice.

Let’s have a look at how buying views may harm your channel and destroy your chances of achieving YouTube success.

The possibility of Getting Banned

If you’re thinking of buying views or subscribers, your most popped up question may be “Will I get banned?” This makes complete  sense because your first worry should be to dodge being penalized by YouTube.

If YouTube’s algorithm gets you buying fake views, your video will be terminated because “fake views” means “views generated by a bot.”

Paying for real human views is a bit of a grey area — not legitimate against the rules, but against the fake engagement policy of YouTube and potentially perilous if the delivery date of the views outcomes drives YouTube to judge that you’re using a bot.

What  If You are Caught For Fake Subs and Views? 

If you are caught violating YouTube’s fake engagement policies, if it’s your first time YouTube will withdraw your video and send you a warning mail to let you know and leave you with a warning.  If your video is withdrawn for artificially increasing your view tally you can try to revive it by filling out the YouTube View Abuse Appeal Form. Even if you manage to revive your video, your channel will be under a red flag — not the sort of  you get for copyright infringement, but an  inner one that keeps the YouTube’s algorithm on alert in case you attempt to do the same thing again.

If caught more than once it may result in your videos being permanently removed or your channel being ultimately adjourned. When bot views providers promote their services as secure they are actually telling that their service will not raise red flags with YouTube’s algorithm.

The only way In which they can guarantee ‘No red flag’  is if they plan on providing retention views, which implies that actual  viewers  will click on your video and watch it from the beginning to  the end. There are providers that have confirmed to deliver this level of quality, and if you are interested you should do thorough research before buying Views there are several sites [for more:] that tests and rates these services. 

Important:  If you employ someone to promote your channel, their decisions may effect your channel. Any method that infringes YouTube’s policies may result in content removal or a channel suspended, whether it’s an action seized by you or someone you’ve employed.

YouTube considers engagement to be legal when user’s primary objective is to authentically watch your content. YouTube considers engagement illegitimate, for example, when it results from intimidation or fallacy, or when the only objective of the engagement is financial profit.  

Here are some instances of content that’s considered violating the YouTube’s algorithm. 

Videos in which a creator indicates themselves successfully buying artificial page traffic from a third party. 

Videos in which a creator links to promote or support third party fake engagement, traffic provider. For example: “I brought 1 million views on this video in a day and you can check out the link to get views too!”

A video that attempts to force or trick viewers into viewing some other video via deceptive  means (for example: a misinformative labeled  card).

Channels creating content for fake channel engagement traffic or promoting websites that work for this sole objective

And yes, these are just some instances, don’t upload content if you feel it might violate this policy. Also if someone reports you to the YouTube algorithms  comity for fake  engagement. Your channel will on red flag alert. So before buying YouTube engagement make sure the service provider you choose is safe and trusted.